Dental Veneers in Carbonear

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Ar Carbonear Dental, we help restore chipped, broken or discoloured teeth with dental veneers.

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What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin, custom-made shells of tooth-coloured materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve its appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of your teeth, changing their colour, shape, size, or length. 

Am I a candidate for veneers?

You may be a good candidate for veneers if you are cavity free, do not have any signs of gum disease, and have sufficient enamel on your teeth. 

What are veneers used for?

Veneers are routinely used to fix:

  • Cracks or chips in your teeth
  • Tooth discolourations
  • Teeth that are worn down
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Teeth that are misaligned or are irregularly shaped

What you need to know about porcelain veneers

Since a small layer of your tooth is removed (about 0.5 m), veneers are not considered a reversible form of treatment. A local anesthetic will be used while we remove the thin layer of your tooth to prepare for your veneer.

The lab time required for the fabrication of a porcelain laminate veneer is approximately one week, although this may vary. 

Your dentist will use a shade guide to try to match your new veneer to your face and existing teeth. You may choose to brighten your smile with teeth whitening. 

When cementing your new veneers in place, the laminates are placed and bonded to your teeth. 

How durable are veneers?

You can expect some sensitivity to hot and cold. This is normal and is due to the removal of a small portion of the tooth's enamel covering.

Veneers are very strong, but can be brittle. Avoid adding additional stress to the laminate veneer. Avoid opening packages with your teeth, or hard foods that could potentially chip your new smile. 

If your teeth have become damaged or discoloured with wear over time, dental veneers may be a good option for you. Contact Carbonear Dental today to book a consultation with one of our dentists. Request Appointment

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