Services for Families

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At Carbonear Dental in Newfoundland, we understand how important family is to you. Our goal is to keep your child's oral health on track.

We treat you like family at Carbonear Dental

Your family is our family and that's why we want to make sure your children maintain their oral health. Together we will give parents the tools they need to ensure that their child's oral health is on track. Good oral health habits start early. We will make sure your little ones teeth and gums are well taken care of.  

What to Expect

We strive to make your kids feel comfortable, our dedicated team will walk you through the process of introducing your children to visiting the dentist. We'll teach them how to brush their teeth properly and make their visit to our practice fun!

How often should my child visit the dentist?

At Carbonear Dental, we recommend that you bring your family to visit the dentist twice a year. We also recommend that a child visits the dentist at the first sign of tooth eruption for a quick peek at their teeth and gums. A more thorough dental assessment should take place by their third birthday.

During your child's appointment, we will show them:

  • How to brush properly
  • How to floss their teeth

We're happy to help introduce your family to our team and services.

We know that scheduling dental appointments for the whole family can be tricky. That's why we try to schedule you all in on the same day to save you valuable time.  

We thank you for trusting us with your families oral health.

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