Wisdom Teeth Removal in Carbonear

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At Carbonear Dental, our dentists offer wisdom teeth removal services for impacted or non-erupted wisdom teeth. 

Why do my wisdom teeth have to be removed?

The pain, pressure and discomfort that wisdom teeth can cause is one of the most common reasons that they need to be extracted, but even if your wisdom teeth are not causing you pain, your dentist may still recommend that you have them removed.

This is because they can cause other serious problems as well, such as decay, infection, crowding, or damage to other teeth. 

Preventive Efforts

 Often teeth could be stuck, or impacted. That means they can’t break through your jaw and into your mouth. Your mouth could also be too small to make room for them, or they could be growing in at an awkward angle which could lead to complications later on.

At Carbonear Dental, we can can take a digital x-ray to see the position of your wisdom teeth to decide if they need to be removed. 

As teeth removed before age 20 have less developed roots and fewer complications, the ideal time to visit your dentist to discuss if you should have your wisdom teeth removed is between the ages of 16 and 19.

If you or your teen have wisdom teeth coming in, it's important to have their progress monitored by a dentist. Contact Carbonear Dental today to book an appointment. Request Appointment

Wisdom Teeth Removal, Carbonear Dentist

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